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2022/04/17 09:25

Rather than forcing them to "do this" or "be this way," we watch over them and support them in moderation as they move forward on their own. I am not talking about child-rearing.


It's about iron. New work "MASK"


Again, I heated and hit the old tools. Since I have been working with this method for a long time, I understand that it will not turn out the way I want it to anyway. Therefore, when I swing the hammer, I do not say to the iron, "It should be," but rather, "How will it turn out?"


Then, from time to time, an opportunity will present itself where an image of something might sprout. At that moment, you can put in the elements that will help the swooping image. Be careful, however, because if you make too many alterations, you will ruin the form that the iron itself wanted to become. It is delicate work.


What it looks like may depend on the person who sees it. This one looks like an old ninja to me.




Organic lines extending like an antler or mane, with elements of MIZUAME.


Traces of hammering vary depending on the way they are hit.


Traces of heat, of hitting, of scraping, of welding. Various traces enrich the expression of the work. The wide range of impressions, which can be warm or cold, is one of the attractive features of iron. Click here to purchase.