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2022/02/15 18:00


In the past series on hitting old iron tools, I have been making variations in the reconstruction (how to combine the hit items?) stage. I confess that I had only two main patterns of "how to hit" in the preliminary stage.


The first is, "hit it flat."


Second, "make it into a lump."It is time for a third something.


Let's stretch it out.


As a forging technique, hitting and stretching is not particularly new. But this technique seems to go hand in hand with the basic theme of "making a hard, uniform iron product organic,". And when reconstructed...
・It is easier to make it three-dimensional than the flat type.
・It is easier to make it light than the lumpy type.
This merit is quite a big deal...!


I made one as a trial. It is an object that expresses a sense of life like a vine or a sprout. Yes, it looks good.


Let's start by making something minimal.


What kind of stretch would be interesting? I would like to explore this first, so I will moderate in the reconstructing it. And if we talk too much, it will be too cramped later on, so we will be moderate in the amount we talk. I named it MIZUAME. Please click here to purchase.