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2022/04/01 18:53


Offering iron dish making workshops at my atelier in Tachikawa.
For those who are interested in making iron dish but find it difficult to attend a workshop, we recommend the finished product version, which will be sold in the store. Of course, both direct flame and IH are OK here, too.

I made a deep type.


The iron dish on the left is what you can make at the workshop.
On the right is the one I made. It can hold about 500 cc of water, so The variety of recipes you can make will be expanded. However, making the dish this deep doubles the time and difficulty required, so I decided to make it myself. I named it "iron deep dish".

Let's raise black.


When the slippery iron plate is heated to bright red and hit with a hammer, it takes on the texture of a rock surface. It blends well with the oil firing on the surface, and the depth of the black color increases with each use. Once you learn this oil baking process, you will no longer be afraid to use iron cookware and dishes, or rather, you will enjoy using them. No special tools are needed, it is not very difficult, and you can do it over and over again.

4 lineups.


We offer oval and circular types, each with or without handles. The one with a handle is convenient for hanging when cooking or storing. The one without a handle is less bulky when storing on a shelf or in a bag. The silhouette of this iron plate is a slightly distorted form like a pebble on a riverbank. The shape of the food is also not a tight circle or straight line, so it will surely fit in with the dish.
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Finally, one more recommendation. To grip a hot iron dish, you can use pliers, but pot pinch are most stable.