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2021/07/25 10:53


Applications are always welcome.
Let's make iron dish!

We will make a schedule with each customer on a case-by-case basis. We will launch individualized workshop programs at my atelier in Tachikawa. This is a program where you can take your time to create a special item without having to share time and work space with other customers.

What you make is an iron dish. It's the kind that can be cooked directly over a fire and placed directly on the table.


The iron plate that will be used as the material is cut out and prepared here in advance.Please choose your favorite from two types: round (φ22.5 cm) and oval (20 cm in length and 24.5 cm in width).※The size indicated does not include the handle.
The dish is made by hit it with a hammer, but it is extremely difficult to make it a perfect shape like an industrial product. The shape will probably be a little distorted. We have devised a trick to turn this "irregularity" into an attractive feature. When we cut out the steel plates in advance, we did not make them into perfect circles or ovals. The silhouette is slightly distorted so that it blends in well with the distortion caused by the hitting. With such kind (meddling?)  materials, the iron plate workshop is about to begin.


Build a fire and heat the iron until it turns bright red.


There is a fuel called coke, which is made from steaming coal. It cannot be ignited with a lighter. First, charcoal is burned, and the heat from the charcoal finally ignites the coke. It takes some time to start the fire, but the firepower is considerable. Coke is also used in blast furnaces. The iron plate material in this case will be heated to a bright red and softened in a few minutes.


Heat→ hit→ heat→hit. Repeat this process.




The surface is prepared by sanding and brushing, and then oil-baking is applied as a finishing touch. Oil baking is a crafting technique that gives a black luster like that of a well-worn wok. Once you learn this technique, maintenance of iron cookware becomes much easier, and you will not be afraid of scrapping with metal spatulas and turners. I recommend that you learn oil burning, and not just for this workshop. I'll post more details on how to do it later in another article.




It can be used either on an open flame or induction. Food cooked on a plate made by your own hands is sure to be exceptional. And the jet-black iron skin, which deepens with each use, has a charm that will make you want to keep it for a lifetime.

You can pick up an appropriate branch and put it through the hole to make a stylish handle. It would be suitable for outdoor use.


The time required varies from person to person, but it is about 2 hours per iron plate. This is an individualized workshop and I will be with you the whole time, so don't worry, I can provide support if needed. Below is the information about this program.

◯料金 ¥14,000-(税込)

 〒190-0013 東京都立川市富士見町2-16-3 フミキリ倉庫1F



◯ Price: ¥14,000- (tax included)
 The price is the same whether you make it by yourself or with several people.
 The price for the second and subsequent additional pieces produced on the same day will be ¥9,000- (tax included) per piece of iron plate.

◯ Location
 Fumikiri Warehouse 1F, 2-16-3 Fujimi-cho, Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-0013, Japan

 ・Please wear clothes that can get dirty during the work.
 ・Cotton clothing is preferred because of the fire hazards involved in the workshop.
 ・Please refrain from wearing sandals as they are dangerous.
 ・There is nothing else you need to bring.
  We will provide goggles, arm covers, gloves, aprons, etc. for your safety.

◯ Please fill in the following information and send it to us via CONTACT.
 The number of people (please indicate ◯Adults and ◯Children). The maximum number of people is 6 in total.)
 Date and time (Please indicate several possible dates as we may not be able to accommodate your preferred date.)
 If you are coming by car, please indicate that as well.
 Other questions, etc.


Additional note
A deeper type of iron plate is also newly available.
However, the deeper type doubles the time and difficulty required, so we will sell the finished product instead of offering a workshop. If you are interested, please refer to this article as well.