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2022/03/28 15:52

当SHOPで販売している椅子たちの、特別バージョンを作ろう!というプロジェクト。紆余曲折を乗り越えて完成まで辿り着き、先日公開となりました。ここで紹介する2種類のチェアは、THE ONE &ONLY(略してO&O)からの限定販売です。

From O&O, it's a special chair.

This is a project to create special versions of the chairs sold in our shop. After overcoming many twists and turns, we have finally reached the completion of the project, which was recently unveiled to the public. The two types of chairs introduced here are available only from THE ONE & ONLY (O&O).



This chair was painted in five different colors. We made a color variation document and discussed this and that with the members of Team O&O. The result was an aggressive color scheme with the highest color saturation. 

If you are trying to make only one type of colorful furniture, it is quite difficult to decide on the color. It is difficult to narrow it down to a single pattern, because the colors that go well with a room depend on the room. It is easier to blend in if the color saturation is reduced to create a subdued image, but this time we decided to go the opposite way. Let's use a color scheme that can take center stage in any room and pull the image of the space. We settled on #10!

もうひとつ意識したのは、内と外。元々この椅子には「身体の触れる内側は滑らかに、外側は鉄らしいアクセントを」というテーマがあります。このO&O EDITIONではテーマに沿って、(形だけでなく)色も内と外との境界で塗り分けています。

Another thing I was conscious of was the inside and outside. Originally, this chair had the theme of "smoothness on the inside where the body touches, and iron-like accents on the outside. In line with this theme, the O&O EDITION is painted in different colors at the boundary between the inside and the outside.


Color boundaries are three-dimensional curves. The masking tape used for painting is 2 mm wide and thin. It took me a lot of effort, but I was able to complete it successfully.



This is a collaboration with Kouhei Hattori.
He is the pop & crazy sculptor, which we introduced in a previous article.


He applied color sculpture to the chair's arms, 30 layers of paint, one carving... two carvings... with a carving knife. I have been a fan of his for a long time, but this is the first time I have actually seen him carve. The amount of work was mind-boggling, and I felt a sense of tension. I wanted him to relax a little, so I made him a cup of tea and let the mellow background music. After about two rounds of the playlist, I asked for the next song to be selected by mr.Hattori, and he started playing a rather up-tempo techno music. So it was that way! ......At any rate, the quality of what they bring to the table is indeed impressive.


Why did we choose the arms for the color carving? The seat, back, and arms are the three places on this chair where the body touches the seat, back, and arms, and the arms are the place where the bare skin touches the chair directly without clothing. I wanted the customer to be able to directly feel the texture of the carving and experience the color change over time as it rubs off with the palms of their hands.


Incidentally, this is a piece I purchased at his exhibition a few years ago. It is now displayed in my showroom.


この特別な2脚が、THE ONE & ONLYからリリースされます。こちらのショップでは、商品ひとつひとつに丁寧な取材から出来上がった記事が添えられていて、とても読み応えがあります。実は椅子作りを始めた当初、「オザいきなりシュッとしたもの作っちゃって。キャラ変えた?」と言われる事も多かった記憶があります。「いや、繋がっているのだよ」という思いはあるけど、あんまり上手に言葉にできないなぁ、とも感じていました。そんな矢先にO&Oと出会い、彼らは何気ない会話の中から「これまでと今」との繋がりを見つけ出し、ひとつのストーリーに仕上げてくれました。「あ、確かにそうかも」と、他者の文章に気付かせてもらう体験。ありがたい事です。

These two special legs are being released by THE ONE & ONLY. In this store, each product is accompanied by an article that is the result of careful interviews and is very worthwhile reading. In fact, when I first started making chairs, an acquaintance said to me, "Oza, you've suddenly made something sharp. Have you changed your character?".  I felt that "No, both are connected", but I felt that I could not put it into words very well. It was just then that I met O&O, and they found the connection between "the past and the present" in casual conversation and made it into a single story. It was an experience that made me realize the connection between the past and the present through the writings of others, and I am very grateful for that. 

I hope you will read it.