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2022/02/08 18:59


We are pleased to announce that we will start to carry his collaborative works with sculptor Kohei Hattori at our shop.
His specialty is color sculpture. He applies multiple layers of colors and carves out the thickened paint film with a carving knife, an original and mind-boggling technique.
He must have a pop&crazy mind in him. You can surely feel it from the pictures.

始まりは2年前。“ 色を育てるドアハンドル ”


It all started two years ago. "Color growing Door Handle"

We were assigned a steel door handle to Nikomori Nursery School in Ome City. Perhaps the customer was expecting a forged black handle. However, this was our chance to show the world our collaboration work with Mr. Hattori. We immediately made a sample and made a strong appeal. At first I was a bit surprised because it was something that had never been done before, but I managed to get the client's approval to make it happen. Layers of color layered on a thin steel rod. How many layers could the children in the nursery have discovered?
Answer - 30 layers.

その1年後。“ちゅうりっぷサイン ”

杉並の家 ちゅうりっぷ保育園の園庭入り口に設置したサイン。赤・白、黄色の既存のロゴをはっとりアレンジしています。ベースの板は実物のスコップをぺちゃんこに叩いて制作。「パッと見、赤白黄色のロゴイメージを損なわずに、でも近付いてみるとたくさんの色が発見できるようなサジ加減で」という困難なミッションを、はっとり氏は見事にやってのけました。園の子供たちは何色見つけられたかな?

One year later. "The Churip sign."

A sign installed at the entrance to the garden of Turip Nursery School. The existing logo in red, white, and yellow is arranged in the Hattori style. The base board was created by hitting an actual shovel flat. Mr. Hattori successfully accomplished the difficult mission of "keeping the red, white, and yellow logo image intact at a quick glance, but making it so that the children can discover many colors when they get close to it. How many colors could the children in the park find?
※Answer - 90 colors.



In my online shop, I start with "color-changing items".

It is not something to be displayed in a showcase and looked at, but something that can be touched every day and enjoyed as it ages. We have prepared hooks and handles. Both are made by disassembling pliers, heating and hitting them, and finishing with color sculpture by Kohei Hattori.

↑This is the pliers before hitting.


The included screws also have a color sculpture finish, of course. Recommended mounting locations include simple walls, doors, and furniture. Although small, the accent is very effective, and the information is concentrated in a very attractive way.
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